privacy policy

privacy policy

About handling the private information


Private (personal) information is an important asset for individuals.
All employees at FRENDIX JAPAN (below referred to as “FJ”) have a responsibility and obligation to protect and handle the personal information safely and appropriately based on the company regulations at all cost.

Purpose of company regulations in regards to private information

(1)Company regulation was prepared with reference to JISQ15001-2006.
(2)It sets a standard rule for proper acquiring and using the private information and its application.
(3)It sets a concrete rule for code of behavior in order to prevent any injustice access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage for private information.

Organization Activity

FJ to act on as follows in order to embody the basic policy.
(1) All employees shall observe any kinds of laws and regulations regards to private information strictly.
(2) By publishing this policy in Internet HP and company profile, all employees would confirm and acknowledge it at all time.
(3) It shall be continuously improved and amended if necessary.

Handling private information

(1)About acquisition and application of private information, and proffer it to the third party.
About the private information which is handled as real estate industry, FJ shall not use it beyond its business range. On acquisition of private information, FJ shall disclose its purpose to the customer and set a restriction on range of use for private information acquired and handle it properly.

(2) About dignity of the rights
FJ shall respect the one’s rights regards to private information. Therefore, when an individual asks for disclosure, amendment or deletion for his/her private information, FJ shall accede to them within reasonable limits and reasonable period.

(3) Implementing of safety countermeasure
FJ shall control internal regulations and implement safety countermeasure in order to prevent any troubles such as leaks or unjust falsification of private information.

About inquiries and questions

If you have any inquires and questions about private policy, please contact us as below.

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TEL:+81 27-350-1625 FAX: +81 27-353-2910

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