Reargate + Handlifter
It is an innovative loader with two functions.

It is an innovative loader with two functions

Reargate + Handlifter

INNOLIFT is an innovative pallet/freight loader which was developed to ease the operators to
load and unload the goods into the vans like Hiace and caravan.
INNOLIFT can be loaded into the vehicle together with the heavy goods at the same time. Therefore,
INNOLIFT does not require a pallet track,
a cart or a trolley which is used for loading and unloading into the big track. Therefore,
it is the optimal equipment to be used at the situation where it requires several manning for transporting, delivering,
loading and unloading the heavy goods.

We have put together how to use video

FRENDIX JAPAN is looking for our partners

We are looking for our partners who would handle and sell INNOLIFT.